Stucco Refinishing Facts

Stucco is the material used in construction projects to protect the underlying structure from damage. Stucco is composed of a binder, an aggregate, and water. It has a smooth, rigid surface that resists damage. When refinishing stucco, you need to remove the cover with coarse sandpaper and then clean it up with water. Afterward, you may apply a clear, protective coating or a thin layer of varnish.

stucco refinishing

Refinishing Stucco Tampa usually refers to applying a new two-coat stucco coat over the existing stucco surface to replace the current stucco color and texture. However, nowadays, many homeowners choose to use stucco paint for stucco repairs. Usually, the main difference between stucco refinishing and stucco paint is the degree of gloss or matte finish you want to achieve.

For a long time, homeowners have opted to have their homes made with newer, stucco-resistant materials. Although such stucco refinishing process can lengthen the lifespan of your home by a few decades, its cost is still quite high. Instead of having your home made with new stucco that may eventually crack and break, you may choose to apply a new stucco coat on the surface that will not only look great but will also provide added protection to the structural integrity of your home.

Traditional stucco refinishing involves stripping off the old deteriorated surface layer of your wall and exposing the fresh stucco that is still wet. This is how the stucco is made to look like. You can see the difference in texture once you apply it. The stucco finishes of today contain a textured natural texture so it will be easier for you to match the texture to the design of your home. It is very important to get the texture right because it gives a different look to the surface of your home compared to traditional stucco finishes.

For optimum benefits of stucco refinishing, it is best to have it repaired before it becomes too weak or cracked. You need to repair the damaged surface areas first before you proceed to painting or stucco coating. There are different ways to repair damaged stucco surfaces. For example, you can expose the damaged area through spray paint. If you want to have a rough texture, you can use cement to fill up the cracks.

For minor repairs, you can choose to repair using patching materials such as patching cement. However, for more severe repairs such as burst pipes, damaged roofs and gutters, and cracked pipes, you will need to repair using the heavy-duty stucco coatings. patched repairs do not allow for a smooth, bright surface of the exterior walls. Instead, it provides a smooth and even finish that makes your home look like brand new.

PBC (polyborate bond coating) is one of the most common coatings that you can find in stucco systems today. This type of coating is similar to the cement that is used to build your homes. You will notice that most homes will have some level of plaster wall surface. The reason for this is because plaster wall is less expensive than solid wall construction. However, you can still get beautiful, high-quality wall surfaces with stucco systems.

When it comes to painting stucco, you are going to find that there are several different types of stucco products to choose from. First, you have the sanded and smoothed-out stucco. Second, you also have the pre-finished stucco which has the sanded and leveled surface of the stucco poured onto the previous layer. Last, you also have the paintless stucco which is self-leveling, does not require any additional stucco layers or sanding, and will provide a beautiful seamless surface to paint on. In addition, with this type of stucco finishing process you will also experience very little pitting, scratches, or any imperfections on the surface of your home’s exterior walls.